Litter Facts

  • In 2014, Caltrans spent $61.6M on highway debris clean up.  The cost is up 35% from 2009.  
  • Caltrans spent only $698,456 for debris removal in all of Marin County.  
  • Road debris puts a heavy burden on insurance companies and the insured.  In 2013, District 4 billed $1.14M and collected $622,337.  
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated debris caused 51,000 crashes, 10,000 injuries and 440 deaths in 2010.  
  • Litter on roadways ultimately ends up in our storm drains and out to the bay and ocean.  

​We are proud to be an affiliate of MarinLink.

Recognizing our dedication to the community, the media listed below have published articles about our work.  Please click on the links to read the full article.   

We are excited about our new project!


Thanks to a generous donation earmarked for highway beautification, we have created a plan to improve the look of the Mill Valley frontage road.  Highway 101 is the "gateway" to all of Marin County.  There is a lot of room for improvement utilizing hardscape and landscape with water wise plants.  Planting is scheduled to begin mid-November.  

Many thanks to M. ReyBear, RHAA Landscape Architects and Andrew Johnson of Johnson's Tree and Gardens and the City of Mill Valley.   


Marin Clean Highways is part of a larger coalition of like-minded organizations.  For more information: www.cleanmarin.org

The first "Litter Summit" was held on November 1, 2017.  In attendance were over 100 concerned citizens, community organizations and local government entities.  

To learn about or attend a future summit, please contact Angela Clapp at:  aclapp@marincounty.org  

Follow up to Litter Summit:  Please read Dick Spottswood's editorial in Marin IJ 11/5/17.  He published an excellent recap of the meeting and a summary of the situation we are dealing with on our highway in Southern Marin. 

What will it take to get Caltrans to do their job?  Letters to their executives?  Our supervisors demanding cleaner highways?  What are your thoughts?  

We're in the news!

How does debris end up on our highways? 

  • Uncovered or unsecured truckloads
  • ​Incidental debris from the bed of a pick up truck
  • Deliberate littering

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Who Are We?

We are local residents, concerned about unsightly litter on our roadways.  

We are working with government officials in Marin County to resolve this problem and we could use your help.   


100% of your tax deductible donations pay for clean up of our roads

We need your donations to continue this program