We are pleased to announce Julie Hanft is now an advisor to Marin Clean Highways.  She will be a huge asset to our organization.  Julie, thank you for your support and your dedication to the environment, 


Please see Julie's impressive biography.  

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Highway 101 at Strawberry Village 2006


5800 Northgate Mall

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We are local residents, concerned about unsightly litter on our roadways.  Sharing this same feeling with many Marin residents, we decided to take action in an effort to rid our County of this blight.  

We are diligently working with government officials in Marin County to resolve this problem. Marin Clean Highways is proud to be an affiliate of MarinLink, a non-profit incubator for community based projects. 

We invite you to join us in this community effort.

Recognizing our dedication to the community, the media listed below have published articles about our work.  Please click on the links to read the full article.   

We're in the news!

Most of our highway debris comes from uncovered or improperly loaded vehicles on our highways.

​We are proud to be an affiliate of MarinLink.

The Time Has Come

Halt Road Debris at its Source !!!

In an effort to stem the amount of debris on the 101, we are diligently working on an initiative that would require all trucks to tarp their load.  

All states, including California, have a state law that requires loads to be covered.  However, CA law is open to interpretation.  Our local CHP will not enforce unless we have a county ordinance requiring loads to be covered.  Our goal is to work with our Marin County Supervisors to enact an such an ordinance.

This is a win-win for everyone.  Less debris, less work and cost for Caltrans cleanup, and a revenue generator from the citations.  

We are seeking endorsements from local businesses, residents, civic and environmental groups and elected officials.  YOU can help by signing this letter of endorsement for a Marin County tarp ordinance.  

Kindly send to Marincleanhighways@gmail.com and we will submit to Supervisors Sears and Connolly.  Thank you for your support.