Second Quarter Newsletter, 2015

Hello, and thanks for checking in with us.  As you can see, our frontage roads from Tiburon Boulevard to the Acqua Hotel look waaaaay better than before we started the regular clean up in 2013.  

We are amazed by the progress we're making with our sister organization, Clean Mill Valley.  Like us, their focus is "a group of community activists from a variety of local organizations, as well as individuals, who want to make a difference in beautifying our town".  Check out their website and see all the good work being done on local litter hotspots!  It's easy to get involved with them.  

And now our latest!  We are more determined than ever to stop litter at its source.  We've begun a "Tarp Your Load" campaign focused on enforcement of California state laws 23114 and 23115 requiring all open bed vehicles to have loads covered.  

Hmmmmm.....what about all those precariously perched loads you see going up and down Highway 101 that you just know are going to spill over at some point?  Our experience has shown that the vast majority of litter on our highways is from uncovered vehicles.  Working with the City of Mill Valley, Marin County and CHP, we are hoping to enact a local "Tarp Your Load" ordinance, similar to other California counties and municipalities. 

Currently our state law is vague and subject to interpretation.  As examples, the City of Sunnyvale, and Kern, Sonoma and other counties have greatly reduced the amount of litter on their roads by enacting tighter county ordinances for uncovered or improperly covered loads.  Currently, according to Marin County CHP, officers can cite a driver ONLY if they see the debris falling from the loaded truck.  

We will keep you posted on our progress.  Let your supervisor know how you feel - sign the letter of support and send to your supervisor or city officials.  

In keeping with the EPA's Clean Water Act, California State Water Board mandates for zero tolerance for trash in the bay have some very real consequences for cities and counties that are not in compliance.  Storm drains must be outfitted with special filters to stop debris from entering into our waterways.  Since much of the debris on our streets makes its way into the storm drains, isn't it a given that stopping litter at its source and keeping litter off our streets and highways is a good first step in prevention?  

We'd love to hear from you!

​Vicky and Jill